Assist at Mass

St. Joseph Church is great… but it will be even better if you’re involved.


​As first contact for our parishioners and visitors our ushers are responsible for ensuring that all feel welcome. You will ensure the collection is brought forward, bulletins are distributed and assit those in need.


Once you’re in third grade, you can assist Father by serving at Mass. You need to be able to be prayerful and attentive in the sanctuary, and will need to be responsible to be at the Masses you are assigned to. Please have your parents contact the parish office if you want to serve.

Stewardship Counters

Help us to be good stewards of our fellow parishioners’ gifts to Our Lord. We have teams that help to safely count and deposit our collections.


At Mass, you will proclaim the readings and petitions. You will also announce the hymns. You’ll need to be able to project, to read clearly, and to be reverent while proclaiming Sacred Scripture.

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