Stewardship Campaign

We’re working to make St. Joseph strong for the next 175 years.

We have some financial difficulties this year. After meeting all of you over these past 10 weeks and meeting with a task force about the task at hand, we’ve set out a path to strengthen our parish for the future.

The Three 100’s

We want to be in a strong place for the future. I am making a big request from our parish: Three 100s.

  • The first 100: prayer. I’m asking you and every parishioner, over the next 10 weeks, to offer 100 minutes of prayer for our parish (that’s 10 minutes a week).
  • The second 100: stabilize our present. From the parish as a whole, I am asking for one time recovery gifts totaling $100,000 to stabilize our bank account.
  • The third 100: aim for our future. I ask for a big renewal and increase of your regular offertory commitment, so that our regular yearly offertory can increase by $100,000 this year. With this increase, we will be able to stay stable and plan for the future.

Commitment Card

Go to Our Sunday Visitor’s website and fill out your commitment card online.

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